EMF Professional Measurements


In CEM-Ti  we perform in situ measurements of electromagnetic pollution (EMF), displacing a technician to your home or workplace.


The counseling is done in their own home or workplace, identifying sources of EMF pollution produced by equipment or appliances user. After the measurement, you have a sheet of results of action taken.


Our technician will perform the free study, based on results obtained cem levels, so you get the system most appropriate protection and shielding.


We inform you personally of all information on current legislation in Spain and the levels allowed by the same in our country.



  • EMF in situ measurement for high and low frequency, in your home or place of work, performed by one of our technicians.

  • We travel to anywhere in Spain.

  • Includes Analysis and advice of the obtained values​​.

  • The price of the measure for a particular house or office is: 120 € (Blue Area), 140 € (Green Area). In yellow area same price as green: check availability of dates (depending on the route for this area).



  • EMF in situ measurement according to RD 1066/2001 (general) ó RD 299/2016 (workers), for presentation to the administration and / or courts, for high and low frequency.

  • We travel to anywhere in Spain.

  • Including Technical report signed by an engineer.

  • The devices feature Calibration Certificate.

  • The price of the measure (for one measuring point, high and low frequency) is: 240 € (Blue Area), 280 € (Green Area). In yellow area same price as green: check availability of dates (depending on the route for this area).



  • Study of Radiations (RS), for homes or workplaces. All measurements including "in situ" of radiation (ionizing and non-ionizing !!) that may be affecting your home or workplace:​
    • EMF measurement in Geostátic (DC): Terrestrial magnetic field and permanent magnets.

    • EMF measurement in Low Frequency (LF): Power lines, Electrical trafo's, Electrical home circuits,... etc

    • EMF measurement in  High Frequency (AF): Mobile masts, Wi-Fi, DECT, radars, ...etc

    • Measurement of Radioactivity (RAD): Environmental and possible objects contaminated by radioactivity.

    • Monitoring of Gas Radon (GR)Natural radioactivity originated by Gas Radón underground..

  • Study includes the shielding solutions and protections according each type of radiation. 
  • We travel to anywhere in Spain.
  • Including Technical report signed by an engineer.
  • The devices feature Calibration Certificate.
  • We recommend that you request a personalized quote in


If you have any questions about our services, please contact us and

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Legislation: Permitted and Recommended Levels. 




In CEM-Ti perform in situ measurements of electromagnetic pollution, and direct result of our experience we have found that the levels permitted by the administration are unrealistically high.


Currently, in Spain the regulations in force is the Royal Decree 1066/2001, of September 28, which establishes a maximum exposure level audience of 100 μT (microTesla) for a 50Hz magnetic field.


These values ​​are based on the European Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC of 12 July, which in turn are referenced by the ICNRP guide (International Commission for Protection against Ionizing Radiation). Also, ICNIRP is a non-governmental organization formally recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization).


Summary of the exposure limits recommended by the ICNIRP.


Frecuencia de la red eléctrica europea

Frecuencia de estaciones base de telefonía móvil

Frecuencia de los hornos de microondas


50 Hz

50 Hz

900 MHz

1,8 GHz

2,45 GHz


Campo eléctrico (V/m)

Campo magnético (µT)

Densidad de potencia (W/m2)

Densidad de potencia (W/m2)

Densidad de potencia (W/m2)

Límites de exposición para la población

5 000





Límites de exposición ocupacionales

10 000





ICNIRP, CEM guidelines, Health Physics 74, 494-522 (1998)


In 1992, the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm presented the results of their work on the effect of electromagnetic fields on people. The temporal scope covering epidemiological research was 25 years, a population of about 500,000 people living near power lines.


The results were conclusive: starting at 0,2 μT (microTesla) (200 nT, nT), significantly increased risks (allergies, chronic fatigue, insomnia, migraines, behavior changes, anxiety, lack of concentration, etc. many, and even serious diseases, case of certain types of cancers in adults, leukemia in children, abortions, heart problems ...) of those exposed. The conclusion was that: a smaller distance from the power line, the greater the risk.


1μT = 1000 nT ;


In our experience, a home without electromagnetic pollution levels recorded magnetic field flux (f = 50 Hz or higher) nanoteslas 25-50 nT. The level of an electrical transformer measured at 50 cm, at a maximum delivery time can be between 2,000-2,500 nT (2-2,5 μT < 100 μT).




In CEM-Ti we monitoring conducted Radon concentrations by hiring a team to be put in place that want to evaluate, or stays criticism (bedrooms of infants, children or pregnant).


Adverse effects (wikipedia)

"When there is a considerable concentration of radon in the air, this gas penetrates into the lungs by inhalation. Such incorporation is a radioactive contamination.

The alpha particles emitted by radon are highly ionizing, but have little penetrating power, so little that can pierce the skin or a single mask. However, when inhaled gas, low penetrating power that becomes a problem, since the particles are unable to escape from the body, and deposit all their energy in it and may cause injury or serious diverse pathologies as the amount of radon is inhaled. It has documented the occurrence of lung cancer due to prolonged exposure to this elemento.5 WHO estimates that radon causes between 3% and 14% of lung cancers, which depends on the average concentration of this gas in each country.6"


According to the "Recommendation of the European Commission EURATOM 90/143" Radon concentrations in homes should not exceed:

  200 Bq / m³;

(in homes built after 1990)

400 Bq / m³;

(in homes built before 1990)


This recommendation refers to the annual average radon concentration.


If concentrations in your home exceed these levels, we recommend that you ventilate the rooms badly affected. If you find more than 1000 Bq / m³, and ventilation of rooms fails to reduce levels below the recommendation, please contact the "Radiation Protection Agency" closer.


MARNA Project Map, with the most affected areas in Spain: 



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