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  • We offer the ability to perform measurements yourself, for a few days, by leasing equipment for private use, and easy to use.

  • For all Spain. (See conditions for Canary and Balearic Islands)

  • It has 5 rental options:

(1) Low-frequency equipment (ME3030B)
(2) High Frequency Equipment (HF32D)
(3) Case of high and low frequency (ME3030B and HF32D)
(4) Radon Gas Monitor (CORENTIUM HOME)
(5) Medidor de Radioactividad (GS3)
  • For recruitment, the team posted a surety, by bank transfer or paypal in the account specified. The deposit for each option are:
(1) € 148.00
(2) € 247.00
(3) € 395.00
(4) € 258.00
(5) € 505.00
  • The price of the rental service is:
(1) 45 €
(2) 65 €
(3) 85 €
(4) 85 €
(6) 155 €
  • The rental time is 3 full days to OPTIONS (1) (2) (3) (5), and 7 full days to OPTION (4). Received the team, has the following 2 or 7 full days to make their measurements. The next day, send an Messages for collection thereof. The team should be prepared and packaged for pickup.

  • Finally, is making the return of the difference (deposit paid less the cost of the service): Once the computer in our office, check that it works and has no damage. After testing positive, there will be a refund of the difference by bank transfer. Otherwise, the difference would not be returned, and the team would make the forwarding customer with shipping charge.

  • For this service we recommend paying by credit card, in order to ease the return process. The difference will be credited to the same credit card used to pay the deposit.


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