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  • +34 960 913 911
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EMF Shielding Facilities in Spain using the best protective solutions in the market.

EMF Shielding Installations

using the best solutions for HF & LF


Shielding enclosures are designed to protect individuals and equipment, against magnetic and electric low frequency fields radiation, originated from facilities such as electric transformers, power lines or railway facilities.

In an installation made with our protective solutions using MCL61 , G-Iron Superflex, Mu-metal or Stabolec, both the magnetic field (M) and the low-frequency electric field (E) are shielded simultaneously.

Magnetic field (M) is turned into the high permeability sheet. Maximum absorption capacity of the magnetic field is determined by magnetic flux saturation, which is usually set at 0.8 Tesla.

The ability to divert the magnetic field is given by the magnetic permeability (μ), which in turn varies depending on the magnetic field flux (B) exists.

For higher magnetic permeabilities, we have two possibilities: increase the number of sheets (overlaying with intermediation of an insulating material) or using thicker sheets (increase the amount of high permeability alloy).

CEM-Ti sell "tiles" of various sizes. Available in various thicknesses depending on the material. This product is intended for individual facilities, with little surface to be treated (for full installations of rooms or spaces ask for a quote or personalized advice).

For small shieldings (walls, electrical boxes, magnets, electronics ...) we recommend:

  • 0,16 MM MCL61 magnetic tile.
  • 0,6 MM G-IRON SUPERFLEX magnetic tile.
  • 0,5 MM STABOLEC MAGNETIC STEEL magnetic tile.
  • 0,5 MM MAGNOSHIELD DUR MU-METAL magnetic tile.

The installation method is to create a grid in front of the focus of the magnetic field, to the area in which the field is measured is less than 0.2 microTesla.

The "tiles" overlap, or close the joints with shielding sheet 0.1 mm thick.

Stabolec Magnetic Steel Tile

For full enclosures shieldings we recommend:

  • 0,16 MM MCL61 magnetic sheet.
  • 0,6 MM G-IRON SUPERFLEX magnetic sheet.
  • 0,5 MM STABOLEC MAGNETIC STEEL magnetic plate.
  • 0,5 MM MAGNOSHIELD DUR MU-METAL magnetic plate.

The panels must be installed without soldering, gluing them and overlapping them, or by closing the joints with shielding sheet 0.1 mm thick.

Prior to installation, it is recommended that a specialized technician has taken magnetic field measurements, and a professional study of the most appropiate shielding solution is carried out in your case.

We are importers, distributors and installers of the best shielding solutions availables in the market.

We install complete shielding enclosures in Spain.

You can ask advice and budget writting us to cem@teleingenieria.es or calling us to (+34) 960 913 911.


Currently, it would be advisable to install HIGH FREQUENCY EMF SHIELDINGS at all stays where we have high exposure times: bedroom, dining, office .. etc.

Such shieldings are normally done to protect people from exposure to strong high-frequency electromagnetic fields, caused by nearby sources of : mobile phone masts, wi-fi antennas and radar.

It is easy installation, involves the placement of different EMF shielding meshes, depending on the desired shielding isolation, inside the walls, floors and/or ceilings during the process of construction or renovation of the home or workplace.

These systems typically require grounding the shielding solution.

When the home or workplace is finished (not under construction), we opt for aesthetic solutions such as paints and curtains.


The standard solution for shielding a bedroom or dining room against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of high frequency EMF would be:

Prior to installation, it is recommended that a specialized technician has taken EMF measurements and determined the walls to be shielded. As well as, that if it is necessary also the application in ceilings and floors.

1) Paint the walls with shielding paint HSF54 .

You must mix the electroconductive additive AF3 with the paint, before the installation.

Shielding paint requires 12-24 hours of drying.

Install the grounding kit (GS3, GS2 or GS1) close to a socket outlet.

After the drying time, we must end applying the desired finish paint.

We will need several layers of the final paint, due the shielding paint finish is black due to graphite base.

Finally you must connect the ground wire (GL20, GL100 or GL500) to the kit (GS3, GS2 or GS1) and to the schuko connector (GP1).

2) The windows and / or doors are protected with EMF shielding curtains NATURELL.

Optionally have dressmaking service, getting ready to hang the curtain.

With this method, can reduce initial levels of 2 miliWatts/m2 environment (2000 microWatts/m2) by a factor of 10-12, and finally lowering them to 0.2 - 0.1 miliWatts/m2. (200 -100 microWatts/m2).

For any questions please contact us at cem@teleingenieria.es or phone us free of charge at (+34) 960 913 911.