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NIR Effects for Human Health due High Exposition

Non-Ionizing Radiations (NIR) Effects.

For the human and animals health.

Legal Levels and Recommendations.

Legal Levels and Recommendations.

Today in Spain.

Precautionary Principle.

Precautionary Principle.

Avoid and reduce the use of wireless technologies.

Avoid living near sources of electromagnetic pollution.

Avoid living near sources of Electromagnetic Pollution.

Such as telephony masts and electrical transformers.

What is behind the new 5G technology?

What is behind the new 5G technology?

Non termal effects of the new technology.

| Today, the social debate has been practically resolved, regarding whether or not Non-ionizing radiation (NIR) has negative effects on our health. Although the "official seal" is still missing, and the real regulation of exposure levels.

| At CEM-Ti we continue to support affected people, since we find people daily who tell us their testimonies, and the disorders they suffer when they have prolonged exposure to high levels of radiation (headaches, muscle pain, depression, unjustified tiredness, etc.).

| The debate is prolonged administratively and therefore still has social continuity, due to the impassivity of the European and state administrations, which are determined to "look the other way". The World Health Organization (WHO) itself classified in May 2011, through the IARC | | Agency of the WHO: "International Agency for Research on Cancer", electromagnetic radiation EMF-RF, within Group 2B ( "possible human carcinogen"). Although, a significant minority of the working group itself called for the most serious classification: Group 2A ("probable human carcinogen").

| With all this, the WHO continues without including Electrohypersensitivity (EHS), in its catalog of "recognized diseases".

What is Electromagnetic Pollution?

Electromagnetic Pollution is the least detectable of all, since we are not able to perceive it directly, as we do with the toxic emissions of other traditional industries. On the other hand, it is silent, unlike other types of pollution, such as noise pollution caused by road traffic, or certain commercial and industrial activities. In short, it is not possible to identify it solely through our primary senses. Therefore, we require measurement equipment to detect and quantify it.

Magnetic field radiation (M), of low frequency (B, 50 Hz), is capable of passing through all kinds of materials, including metals. High-frequency electromagnetic fields (S) require more power to pass through the mass of the walls, but in the close presence of sources such as mobile phone antennas or Wi-Fi's, they end up penetrating homes. It is that physical capacity, which allows it to "sneak" into our homes, if we do not have any type of magnetic or electromagnetic shielding.

What originates it?

The emitters of high-frequency electromagnetic fields (HF), which we can normally find are mobile phone antennas and municipal WI-FI wireless network antennas, radars, television and radio antennas, small home wireless appliances such as : Wi-Fi routers, DECT cordless phones, mobile phones, ...

On the other hand, the most common sources of low frequency (LF) electromagnetic emissions would be electrical transformation centers, medium/high electrical voltage lines (industrial frequency of 50 Hz), and railway lines (frequency 16 Hz), and defective home electrical installations, appliances such as: microwave, dryer...

What are the possible effects on human health?

Currently, a large number of cases of people affected by this hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields called electrohypersensitivity (EHS) have already been diagnosed. These people, previously referred by default to a psychiatrist, are now medically diagnosed as electrosensitive.

Electrosensitivity or Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is frequently diagnosed in people suffering from other diseases such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and/or Fibromyalgia (FM). They usually present as a complete or partial picture of pathologies. Most of them are young women, as women seem to have a higher sensitivity to chemicals and EMF electromagnetic fields.

The latest BioInitiative report has identified eight (8) main categories of non-thermal effects caused by artificial NIRs [1]:

  1. Oxidative damage, DNA damage, DNA repair failure.
  2. Stress proteins, heat shock proteins, impaired immune function.
  3. Effects on reproduction and fertility.
  4. Disturbed calcium metabolism.
  5. Brain tumors and damage to the blood-brain barrier.
  6. Alterations in sleep, in the firing rate of neurons, in the electroencephalogram, in memory, learning and behavior.
  7. Different types of cancers (excluding brain cancers), cell proliferation.
  8. Cardiac, heart muscle, blood pressure, vascular effects.

For each of these categories there are dozens (if not hundreds) of scientific studies that analyze the effect of RNI. Not all, of course, demonstrate a cause-effect relationship between radiation and alterations.

studied ration. As we have already pointed out, it would be enough for some studies to demonstrate this relationship to appeal to the precautionary principle and adhere to the moratorium for the deployment of 5G. But it is no longer a question of some study, but rather the vast majority of investigations evidence and demonstrate the correlation, if not the causality, of the NIR and their biological damage.

“NMRI's mission is to improve the health, safety, performance and deployment readiness of US Navy and Marine Corps personnel. The NMRI conducts basic and applied biomedical research, development, testing, and evaluation in the areas of biological defense, bone marrow, combat casualty care, and infectious disease.”

In 1972 (yes, you read that right, almost 50 years ago), the NMRI (now NMRC, National Medical Research Center) published a Bibliography of Biological Phenomena ('effects') and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radiofrequency Radiation , in which 2,200 scientific studies were cataloged and 122 different types of biological effects were identified in 17 categories:

  1. Thermal effect on the organs.
  2. Changes in physiological functions.
  3. Effects on the central nervous system.
  4. Effects on the autonomic nervous system.
  5. Effects on the peripheral nervous system.
  6. Psychological disorders (“Studies on human behavior”) – also known as “Psychophysiological (and psychosomatic) Responses”.
  7. Changes in behavior (animal studies).
  8. Blood disorders (in vivo and in vitro).
  9. Vascular disorders.
  10. Enzymes and other biochemical changes.
  11. Metabolic disorders.
  12. Gastro-intestinal disorders.
  13. Changes in the endocrine gland.
  14. Histological changes.
  15. Genetic and chromosomal changes.
  16. Pearl chain effect (Intracellular orientation of subcellular particles, and orientation of cellular and other non-biological particles).
  17. Various effects.

| As can be seen, the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation have been in the public domain for more than 40 years, so "one wonders if we are not facing the largest and most infamous medical experiment in the history of mankind", paraphrasing the imposing (over 1,000 pages) 5G literature review written by Professor Ronald N. Kostoff of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Specifically, many cases of Semicircular Lipoatrophy (SL) are detected, especially in office workers. And it consists of the loss of fatty tissue in the upper part of the legs, due to contact with office furniture (metallic). This disorder is directly related to the presence of Electric and Electrostatic fields. Originated by nearby electrical installations, which can electrically charge the environment.

To mitigate the effects and reverse the situation, it is recommended to use Earthing Solutions, with a safe connection to the ground, which allow the personal electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Bioinitiative Report 2012

Does it also affect animals?

There are also studies that show that the effects of EMF also affect animals, for example, in the reproduction of birds such as storks or sparrows with nests near telephone masts, in Valladolid ("Possible Effects of Electromagnetic Fields from Phone Masts on a Population of White Stork (Ciconia ciconia)"), 2005, by Biologist Alfonso Balmorí, member of the Superior Body of Biologists of the Junta de Castilla y León (Spain).

One of the conclusions obtained from the study carried out is that in the nests studied within from a circle of 200 m to these antennas, productivity (successfully raised chicks) is half that of the nests studied at more than 300 m Another conclusion, which can be drawn, is that 40% of the nests do not they manage to remove any young, while this only occurs in 3.3% of the furthest group of nests.

What are the EMF Levels allowed?

The legal levels of electromagnetic radiation are really high, for Spain they are determined by the R.D. 1066/2001 (general purpose): 100 μT for low-frequency magnetic fields and 4.5 W/m2 for high-frequency electromagnetic fields (GSM900).

Therefore, the much-requested precautionary principle is still not applied, since the maximum recommended levels would be, according to the Bionitiative Report: 1000 μW/m2 (exterior) for high-frequency electromagnetic fields, and 0.1 μT for magnetic fields. low frequency

Precautionary principle.

At CEM-Ti , we recommend taking protective measures to comply with the Precautionary principle, especially for those people who are living near sources of contamination close to their habitual residence, who consequently have high exposure times.

  • If you can choose, DO NOT LIVE in environments close to major sources of EMF contamination (telephone masts, high-voltage electrical distribution lines, electrical transformers,...etc). If you don't have a choice, and you live in these environments, you should screen your home to reduce EMC levels in your home.
  • MODERATE THE USE of the mobile phone, and use it only for calls of real necessity, which you cannot avoid in any other way. When you have to talk through a mobile terminal, try to keep it away from your head as much as possible (do not speak holding the terminal to your head). Never charge the terminal on your nightstand, close to your head, while sleeping.
  • AVOID USING DECT cordless telephony whenever possible. If you can, use fixed telephony (by cable).
  • AVOID THE USE of WiFi technologies. It is preferable to use wired data networks. If the distance is small, please connect to the router via a data cable (UTP), and disable the Wi-Fi connection of the router
  • MODERATE THE USE of electrical appliances, and use their "mechanical" substitute ("instead of the vacuum cleaner, the broom", "instead of the microwave oven, heat with the conventional oven", ...etc). If you have to use them compulsorily, do not forget to disconnect them from the electrical network when you finish.

Today you can locate the telephone antenna installations near your home by consulting the Infoantenas website of the "Secretariat of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda".

Being able to also determine the operators and services that are broadcasting in said installation.

Mobile Antenna Locator Infoantenas

History and Studies.

Work at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden), in 1992, revealed that there is a risk of contracting leukemia when the magnetic field to which children are chronically subjected exceeds 0.2 μT (microtesla).

Risk that increases as the magnitude of the magnetic field increases. In this way, one can speak of a moderate association or risk in the case of 0.2 μT and a high risk when it exceeds 0.3 μT.

The "Paris Declaration", of March 23, 2009, represents the "enough is enough", by the European scientific community, which day by day confirms the evidence that there are adverse health effects in this type of emissions.

In May 2011, the "International Center for Research on Cancer (IARC)", a specialized agency within the World Health Organization, announced that mobile phones had been classified by the WHO as "possibly carcinogenic" for the man."

| Doctor Claudio Gómez-Perreta, 05/29/10

Head of Unit of the "La Fe" University Hospital Research Center in Valencia -Spain.

"Electro-Magnetic Fields and Health: Current Status".

... "Sometimes it seems that we try more not to harm the economic interests of the supplier companies than to protect the health of citizens.

Electrification in industrialized countries has progressively increased the average level of exposure to low-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) to which the population is exposed; those EMFs are substantially above the natural EMFs of about 10(-4) Vm and about 10(-13)T, respectively. Several epidemiological studies have concluded that EMF exposure is associated with an increased risk of contracting cancer, particularly leukemia in children.

| Teratogenic effects (on the fetus)

Juutilainen et al. 1993 concluded that women exposed to magnetic fields of domestic origin during their pregnancy with intensities greater than 0.63 μT had a higher risk of abortion than those women exposed to a magnetic field less than 0.13 μT".

| We carry out Electromagnetic Pollution Measurements in your home and company, throughout Spain.

| We have the best Shielding Solutions on the market.

| For more information, please contact us.

| Bibliography (sources):

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