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Earthing Wrist Strap for Personal Electrostatic Discharge ESD

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  • EARTHING wrist strap for personal grounding.
  • This ANTISTATIC wrist strap, is the best known and used in the market, especially for EARTHING: personal connection to earth, to eliminate the static electricity accumulated in the body.
  • Also used by equipment repair technicians, to eliminate electrostatic charge, and avoid damaging sensitive electronic circuits.
  • This bracelet is connected to a cable that at one of its ends has a crocodile tip, which must be connected to earth or a mass, that is, to a piece of metal, causing the static electricity of the human body to discharge to Earth.
  • The bracelet is lined with a strongly woven conductive fabric with conductive fiber that is wrapped around the wrist, it is easy to use and remove.
  • It has an internal resistance of 1 Mohm, it is connected in series to limit the short-circuit current, in order to ensure the protection of the person who is using it if any device or component connected to the mains is touched. And avoid any return from the power grid.
  • Use: Pinch the grounding tab of the plug, or use with the grounding plug EBP and GPE.
  • It can be used as an earthing kit, for anti-static and shielding clothing, together with the EBP plug (using the 10 mm stud + crocodile clip).​


  • Adjustable wrist strap with crocodile tip with 4 mm jack. + clip 10 mm.
  • Internal conductive layer made of stainless steel.
  • Soft nylon elastic band for comfort.
  • Current limiting resistance: 1 Mohm ± 5%.
  • Cable insulation in polyurethane.
  • Cable length: 180 cm.