EMF Protective Maternity Belt

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  • EMF Maternity Belt for protect your baby during pregnancy * 31 dB @ 900 MHz .


  • EMF Maternity Belt for protect your baby and from electromagnetic radiations (mobile telephony 3G-4G-5Gcordless phones DECT, smartphones, Wi-Fi, microwave, Tetra, Radar.... etc.)  . 

  • Reduces high frequency electromagnetic radiation over 31 dB (99,92 %) @ 900 MHz 

  • Provides the highest EMF radiation protection for baby during maternity.

  • The EMF protective material is cotton, and polyamide with pure silver.

  • This maternity belt is designed with the best anti-electromagnetic radiation material.

  • One size, It's ajustable.

  • Adapts to the contours of your body and stretches as the term progresses.




  • Shielding capacity: 31 dB (99,5%) @ 900 MHz

  • Sizes: one size (ajustable).

  • Colors: Black.

  • Material: cotton (89%), silver (2%) and polyamide (9%)

  • Machine washable (30º, gentle cycle).

  • Do not use bleach or strong chemical agents.


Disclaimer: EMF Clothing products are designed and manufactured to minimise exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). There are however many environmental, medical and genetic, factors that cause health effects, failed pregnancies or birth defects. Teleingenieria Soluciones, SLU specifically disclaim any and all responsibility for any health effects, failed pregnancy, birth defects, any other adverse outcome or any health effect that may occur where the customer has been wearing EMF Clothing products, including prior to and/or during pregnancy, or any effects that may occur, eventuate, manifest or transpire at any time subsequent to the birth.