EMF Protective Maternity Top Leblok

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  • EMF Maternity Top for protect your baby and from electromagnetic radiations * 45 dB (99,99 %) @ 1 GHz 

  • EMF Maternity Top for protect your baby and from electromagnetic radiations (cordless phones, smartphones, TVs, Wi-Fi, lighting, microwave.... etc.)  . 

  • Reduces high frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) over 45 dB (99,99 %) @ 1 GHz 

  • Provides the highest EMF radiation protection for baby and mother during maternity.

  • Lightweight, cool, crease-resistant with extreme protection and anti-bacterial.

  • Made from stretch fabric

  • Shielding remains constant, even when stretched. 

  • Machine-washable.

  • Whilst this top should adjust to enable use for the entire 9 months we recommend buying your normal size for the early term, and another for the later term.

  • Your normal size can then be worn after the pregnancy and the larger size kept for the next event!




  • Shielding capacity: 45 dB (99,99%) @ 1 GHz. 

  • 3 Sizes: S (bust 84 cm), M (bust 90 cm), L (bust 98 cm).

  • Colors: Grey.

  • Material>> 50% Silver - 50% Beenchwood


Do not dryclean. Machine Wash Only at 30°. Use only shielding clothing washing powder. (Other detergents MAY have a severe effect on shielding level) Do not handwash. Do not tumble dry. Drip dry. Iron on LOW. Do not bleach.


We recommend that customers CHECK SIZE AND COLOUR carefully before ordering !! Not be performed RETURNS by change of size or colour, only against defects of manufacture!! It is manufactured on-demand items.


Disclaimer: EMF Clothing products are designed and manufactured to minimise exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). There are however many environmental, medical and genetic, factors that cause health effects, failed pregnancies or birth defects. EMF Clothing Ltd. and Leblok (and Teleingenieria Soluciones, SLU  as its Spain Distributor) specifically disclaim any and all responsibility for any health effects, failed pregnancy, birth defects, any other adverse outcome or any health effect that may occur where the customer has been wearing EMF Clothing products, including prior to and/or during pregnancy, or any effects that may occur, eventuate, manifest or transpire at any time subsequent to the birth.