EMF Protective Shielding Bedding Set Yshield TBL

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  • Shielding bedding set made from Steel-Active Fabric with good shielding * 41 dB (99,99%) @ 1GHz
  • Shielding bedding set made from Steel-Gray for HF shielding.
  • This bedding is a cheap alternative to canopies.
  • The bedding set includes a sheet and a duvet cover.
    • The sheet is made of Steel-Gray and can be coverd with a common sheet if required.
    • The duvet cover is sewed two-sided: With the Steel-Gray side (gray fabric) used downwards for a better shielding, as the shielding fabrics will lay on top of each other. With the cotton fabric side (white fabric) used downwards with a decreased shielding but less scratchy.
  • The set is not including a pillow case, this is not necessary anyway because of the incluced sheet.
  • The fabric Steel-Gray was chosen as it is, due to it´s stainless steel threats, considerably durable and more stable even with strong movement, then fabrics with silver threats would be. On the skin Steel-Gray feels a bit like a scratchy woolen sweater. Without pajama on this could bother you.
  • Groundable for protection against low frequency electric field (2 Ut. x Kit GCV + 1 Ut. x Cable GL100+ 1 Ut. x GL500 + 1 Ut. x GPE).


  • Size sheet: 240 cm x 140 cm.
  • Size duvet: 200 cm x 135 cm.
  • Attenuation: 41 dB (99,99%) @ 1 GHz
  • Color: gray, white.
  • Raw materials: 40 % cotton, 30 % polyester, 30 % stainless steel.
  • Surface conductivity: 100-800 ohm (square resistance).


  • Washing at gentle cycle at 60°C.
  • No handwashing.
  • Ironable without steam at degree 1!! .
  • No blenching.
  • No chemical dry-cleaning.