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EMF Shielding Mesh Yshield ARM40

9.05 €
8.78 €
(1 m² = 9.76 €)
incl. VAT, plus delivery
Delivery time: 7-10 day(s)


  • EMF shielding stainless steel mesh to apply to walls, ceilings, floors *
    23 dB @ 1GHz .
  • ARM40 is a non-slip, dimension stable glass fibre mesh for an extensive shielding of high frequency (HF) and low frequency electrical (LF) fields.
  • One product for reinforcement in a thermal insulation system as well as shielding.
  • Patented glass fibre mesh with stainless steel threads woven into it.
  • The glass fibres are reliably protected against alkaline attacks in the plaster system by a high-quality finish.
  • Electrically conductive surface for easy grounding.
  • Audited and certified according to ETAG 400.


  • Can be used as reinforcement fabric on the exterior in a thermal insulation system under plaster or on the interior under plaster.
  • Furthermore, for loose laying in the roof area, underneath attached facades, underneath floor coverings, etc.


  • The processing of the shielding mesh is identical with the application of conventional glass fibre fabric.
  • Needs to be pressed non-porously and wrinkle-free into the freshly spread reinforcing mass, then levelled out..
  • The mesh needs to lie in the upper third of the reinforcing mass and be completely covered by it.
  • The overlapping between the panels needs to be 10 cm.
  • The overlapping needs to be ensured at corners of a building, too.
  • Building openings (windows, doors) require a diagonal reinforcement with fabric strips.
  • Has the mesh been cut in (e.g. in the area of scaffolding anchors), an additional fabric strip needs to be placed above the cut.
  • For grounding, the stainless steel tape GSS10 must be screwed securely onto the underground across/with all panels.


  • This product shields high frequency electromagnetic fields (HF).
  • The indicated dB-values apply to 1 GHz, view chart for other frequencies.
  • Expert reports ranging from 40/600 MHz to 40 GHz according to standards ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006, view report above.


  • This product with an electrically conductive surface shields low-frequency alternating electric fields (LF).
  • For this purpose a grounding is necessary, i.e. an integration into the functional-equipotential bonding (FEB), please find suitable grounding accessories under "Grounding".


  • Width: 90 cm.
  • Length: By the meter / 50 m roll.
  • Attenuation: 23 dB @ 1 GHz.
  • Weight: 180 g/m².
  • Material thickness: 0,45 mm.
  • Color: Schwarz.
  • Mesh width: 3,5 x 4,0 mm.
  • Tensile strenght max.: 1750 N/5 cm (warp and woof).
  • Elongation max.: 3,9 % (warp and woof).
  • Surface conductivity: x,x Ohm (square resistance).
  • Materials: Glas filber, stainless steel fibers, latex coating.

It is a cutted to size or on-demand manufactured item. We recommend that customers be sure QUANTITY and TYPE of material carefully before ordering !!! Not be performed RETURNS on products CUTTED to size or MANUFACTURED on demand, only against defects of manufacture!!