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EMF Shielding Paint Yshield PRO54 1L Graphite-Free

60.91 €

59.08 €

(1 l = 59.08 €)
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Product data sheet
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  • YSHIELD PRO54 Shield, Insulation, or Shielding Paint is YSHIELD's toughest and strongest paint.
  • Avoid or reduce high frequency electromagnetic fields by refraction, and low frequency electromagnetic fields by grounding.
  • Unlike the HSF54, the PRO54 dispenses without graphite, which results in;
    • Better adhesion capacity, both on the base to which it is applied (eg the wall), and the material applied to the paint, for example in the case of gluing; cork, frieze, sheets, etc. about this painting.
    • It hardly stains once it is dry, so it can remain without being repainted with decorative paint.
    • Less attenuation capacity in the electromagnetic component. To obtain an attenuation similar to that of the HSF54 we must paint an additional coat of paint.
  • It's suitable for interiors and exteriors and is easily applied with a wool roller. It is low emissive, ecologically compatible, since its coefficient of volatile substances (VOC) is only 0.2 g / L, which indicates that it hardly smells. It does not contain aggressive or toxic substances such as solvents. Does not contain corrosive agents or metals. so it does not need to be repainted regularly.
  • It has excellent adhesion to walls, plastic paints, wood, white cork, plasterboard, etc.
  • Furthermore, its high breathability prevents the formation of humidity and condensation fungi.
  • Once the Yshield paint is applied, we recommend applying an ecological decorative paint (We recommend that we have a VOC close to 0)

Improved Formula

  • Yshield has obtained, yet again, to improve the properties of the PRO54 paint. Breathable, solvent free, plasticizer free and low emission. With excellent physical and chemical properties and, at the same time, highly ecological.
  • TÜV Certificate.
  • Fire behavior tests: flame retardant according to DIN 4102-1 (B1) and DIN EN 13501-1.
  • Application: walls, ceilings, floors, ... indoors and outdoors
  • Ecological compatibility: good, free of solvents, odorless variables, low in emissions,
  • Suitable for 5G: !! We have been able to improve the linearity of the attenuation quality, increasing the frequency spectrum to beyond 40 GHz.

Technical Data

  • Shielding at a yield of 8 sqm/l @1 GHz: Single layer 36 dB | Double layer 40 dB | Three layer 45 dB
  • Coverage: Indoors, 7.5 m² per liter / Exteriors 5 m² per liter
  • Application: With quality wool roller (10-13 mm)
  • Drying time: Between 12 and 24 hours depending on the weather
  • VOC value: 0.2%
  • SD-value: ~ 0.1m
  • PAK: 0.002 mg / kg.
  • PH: 8
  • Adhesive capacity: 4.8 N / mm²
  • Color: Dark Gray / Black.
  • Composition: Water, acrylate dispersion, carbon fibers, additives and natural preservatives (BIT, INN, MIT).
  • Storage: Closed container in a dark and cool place for 12 months.