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990.00 €

(1 piece(s) = 990.00 €)
incl. VAT, plus delivery
In stock
Delivery time: 1-2 day(s)


  • Perform the Measurement EMF or Radon Gas Monitoring in your home or workplace by a computer rental for private use, and easy to use.


We offer you the option to perform PROFESSIONAL measurements by yourself, for a few days, by the rental of  PROFESSIONAL (PRO) use equipment.

In SPAIN(See conditions for Canary and Balearic Islands !!)

This OPTION (7), include the rental of the following EQUIPMENT 

  • High Frequency Spectrum Analyzer (HF) - HF-6060-v4. (See tecnhical data, characteristics !!).

  • Antenna HyperLOG-6060 [600 MHz - 6 GHz] included !!. 



(7) High Frequency Spectrum Analyzer (HF) - HF-6060-v4


990 €

240 €


For processing the rental service, an initial DEPOSIT  is required. For this OPTION (7) the required deposit is: € 990.

The PRICE of the rental service, for this OPTION (7) is: € 280 (VAT included), including SHIPPING and COLLECTION, for Peninsula and Balearic Islands !!, is the one indicated in the table above.

The DURATION for the rental for this OPTION (7) is 3 FULL DAYS . Once received the equipment, you have the following 3 full days to perform your measurements. The next day, we will send a courier to collect them. The equipment must be prepared and packed for collection.

The RETURN of the difference is made (deposit deposited less the cost of the service): Once the equipment in our offices, it will be verified that it works and that it DOESN'T PRESENT DAMAGES !! After the positive verification, the difference will be returned by bank transfer. Otherwise, the difference would not be returned, and the team would be re-sent to the client, with shipping costs at their expense. Or, the price of the repair would be added to the cost of the service.

To streamline of the reservation and return processes, in this service, we recommend the PAYMENT METHOD by BANK WIRE, for PROFESSIONAL (PRO) use equipment.


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