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Magnetic & Electric Low Frequency Meter Fauser Fieldmeter FM10

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Product data sheet
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  • The Fieldmeter FM10 highlights are the isotropic magnetic field strength measurement and the frequency range up to 400 kHz with a resolution of 1 nT and 0.1 V/m without the need of switching the measurement range.
  • Moreover, the Fieldmeter FM10L/LS supplies an integrated data logger with 1 GByte data storage and different storage modes.
  • Multiple measurement functions
  • Due to different measurement probes, the Fieldmeter FM10 is highly versatile.
  • The FM10 multi-purpose measurement probe supports a fast omni directional measurement of the magnetic fields. In addition the probe BS13 for measurement of isotropic magnetic fields is available.
  • For electric fields different measurement probes are available:
    • potential-related with the FM10 multi-purpose probe (included)
    • potential-free with the electric field probe EPL (one-dimensional) or EPL 3 (isotropic)
    • measurement of the capacitive coupling
    • probe ES10 for the measurement of electrostatic fields

Wide frequency range

  • In dependence of the measurement probe a frequency range from 10 Hz up to 400 kHz is available.
  • With the integrated filter functions: band pass 16.6 Hz, high pass 50 Hz and 2 kHz; single frequency ranges can be selectively measured.
  • High resolution without switching
  • The Fieldmeter FM10 provides a measurement dynamic of 20,000 nT and/or 0.1 V/m in merely one measurement range each. Annoying switching between ranges or auto-ranging functions are a thing of the past.

Multi-functional display

  • On the rich in contrast and illuminated display the electric and magnetic field strength are indicated parallel, using a fast sample rate of 0.25 seconds.
  • Moreover, the X, Y and Z-parts of the magnetic field strength are displayable as seperated single values.
  • As an acoustic display the sound generator produces a signal proportional to the field strength.

Diverse functions

  • The Fieldmeter FM10 delivers some extra functions: an acoustic alarm is activated as soon as the adjustable limit values are exceeded. The peak-hold function displays even shortest peak values of the field strength. Auto-power-off prevents the battery from discharging. Optionally, four alternating voltage outputs are available.

Powerful data logger

  • The data logger of the Fieldmeter FM10L/LS has a 1 GByte storage capacity and a real-time clock for an accurate time and date assignment to each measured value. The sample rate is adjustable between 0.25 seconds and 1 minute.

Managing measured data with FM-Data

  • The scope of delivery of the field meter with data logger FM10L/LS contains the program FM-Data. This program is constantly developed to adapt the needs of our customers. This service is available to you in the form of free of charge updates at any time!

New functions

  • Enhanced display of magnetostatics with positive and negative divergence
  • New bar graph display shows the anomaly level
  • 9-point measurement
  • Display statistic values of data sets


  • Current version: 1.32
  • For an update please send the Fieldmeter FM10 to Fauser Elektrotechnik.
  • The update is for free the first year after purchasing or when ordering a new probe - excluded shipping costs.
  • Otherwise a firmware update costs € 28.56 (plus shipping).

Technical Data

  • Measurement ranges: 0..20000 nT * 0..2000 V/m
  • Resolution: 1 nT * 0.1 V/m
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz..400 kHz
  • Frequency filterband: pass 16.6 Hz * high pass 50 Hz * high pass 2 kHz
  • Display: illuminated double-spaced LCD
  • Display functions: X-, Y-, Z-component, peak-hold, magnetostatics, electrostatics, body voltage, DC, analog bar
  • Interface (FM10L/LS): USB 2.0
  • Voltage output (FM10LS): quadruple 0..2000 mV (E, Bx, By, Bz)
  • Power supply: 2 x Mignon AA
  • Dimensions: 120 x 79 x 28 mm
  • Temperature: 0..+40°C
  • Multi-purpose probe FM10 :
    • Frequency range: 10 Hz..400 kHz
    • Measurement accuracy: < 5% [50 Hz] magnetic < 10% [50 Hz] electric

Scope of delivery

  • Fieldmeter FM10: Fieldmeter FM10, Fieldmeter FM10 multi-purpose probe, grounding cable, manual, 2 batteries, transport case
  • Fieldmeter FM10L: Fieldmeter FM10L with data logger (1GByte storage), multi-purpose probe, grounding cable, USB-cable, software-CD FM-Data, manual, 2 batteries, transport case
  • Fieldmeter FM10LS: Fieldmeter FM10LS with quadruple alternating voltage output, data logger (1 GByte storage), multi-purpose probe, grounding cable, USB-cable, software-CD FM-Data, manual, 2 batteries, transport case