Portable Grounding Schuko Plug Yshield GPE

Portable Grounding Schuko Plug Yshield GPE

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  • Grounding Shuko Plug for portable and earthing products, such as canopies, sleeping bags, bedding sets, clothing...etc


  • Improved connectors for grounding functionality, for portable elements such as canopies, clothing, bedding sets, sleeping bags and earthing products .

  • No use it with fixed installations such as paintings, meshes,..etc !!

  • Profesional grounding plug for CEE-7/4 and CEE-7/7 socket-outlets.

  • Dimmensions (with plastic cover): 60 x 60 x 15 mm.

  • Connectivity: 2 cables.

  • Weight: 100 gr.



  1. It is recommended that the grounding installation be performed and checked by a professional electrician.
  2. The electrical installation must be provided with a 30 mA "differential switch" (check the electrical box).