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X-Ray and Gamma Personal Dosimeter PM1621

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  • Electronic Personal Dosimeter, compact and easy in use.

  • Detects gamma and x-rays radiation.


Personal dosimetePM1621, high sensitivity, for the measurement of Equivalent Dose (DE) and Dose Rate (DER) of photon radiation, even at low X-ray energies (10 keV), used both for environmental inspections and for the measurement of the doses received by the staff.

The detection module is a Geiger-Müller tube, with a dose rate measurement range of 0.1 μSv/hr - 0.1 Sv/hr (possibility of extension to a maximum of 1Sv / hr - version PM1621A) shown on a lighted LCD screen.

It incorporates alarms of both dose rates and cumulative doses, and through a blinking alert if the maximum dose of the instrument is exceeded.

The data includes a report of the registered doses and of the activated alarms that are stored in a stable memory that can be downloaded to a PC through an infrared channel (IrDA) to store and analyze the data for each user, using the software that is supplied with the equipment.

The exclusive characteristics of the dosimeters allow users to control the levels of personal irradiation of photon radiation sources, avoiding overexposure. The instruments are very sensitive and can register even the smallest changes in natural background radiation.


Recommended to protect professionals working with or around radioactive materials from accidental and unknown exposure to radiation, the PM1621 and PM1621A instruments perform the following functions:

Monitor and measure the dose of gamma rays and X-rays and the dose rate in a wide range of energy up to 1 Sv / h (100 R / h);

Alert the user through an audible alarm when the preset dosage thresholds and / or dosage rates are exceeded;

Record and store data for up to 1000 events (500 DER + 500 DE) in its non-volatile memory;

Transmit all recorded data through an infrared channel to a PC for further processing and analysis.

To protect the user from overexposure, the dosimeters have two alarm thresholds. If one of the pre-established doses or the threshold value of the dose rate is exceeded, the dosimeter immediately warns the user of the danger by means of an audible alarm. In cases where the intensity of the radiation exceeds the upper limit of the dose rate measurement, the LCDs of the dosimeters show the warning signal "OL" followed by the audible signal interrupted.

The airtight rubber casing - anti-shock and fluorescent backlight on the LCD screen allow for easy operation and accuracy even in the most adverse and unfavorable environments or weather conditions.




Network solutions

Physical Health and Medicine.

Individual protection against radiation.

Uranium production and uranium mining.



Detector PM1621: GM tube.

Measurement range DER: 0.1 μSv/h at 100 mSv/h.

Accuracy of the dose rate: ± (15 + 0.0015 / H + 0.01H)% (in the range 0.1 μSv/h - in the range 0.1 Sv/h), where H - dose rate in mSv/h.

Measuring range DE: 1.0 μSv - 9.99 Sv.

Accuracy of the dose: ± 15% (in the range 1.0 μSv - 9.99 Sv).

Energy range: 10.0 KeV to 20.0 MeV.

Relative energy response to 0.662 MeV (137 Cs): ± 30%.

Survive after the momentary influence of the maximum 1 Sv / h: permissible gamma radiation in 5 min: (100 R / h).


Drop test: 0.7 m (2.4 feet).

Water resistance: 1 m (up to 3.3 feet)

Alarm type: audio.

Display of the time until the critical exposure: YES.

PC communication: IRDA.



One AA battery.

Battery discharge control: LCD indication.

Battery life (average DER not exceeding 0.3 μSv / h, alarms activated by no more than 20 s / 24 hours): 12 months.



Dimensions: 87 х 72 х 39 mm

Weight: 165 g.



Temperature: -40 to +60 ° С (-40 to +140 ° F)

Humidity: up to 98% at 95 ° F (35 ° C).