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Today, has been practically solved the social debate surrounding whether or not non-ionizing radiation have negative effects on our health. Although there continues to be " official seal " and the actual regulating levels of exposure . From CEM-Ti gave at the time the wake-up call , and we continue to support people affected , as we encounter daily who tell us their testimony , and the mental suffering when exposed to high levels of radiation ( headaches, muscle , depression , unexplained fatigue, ... etc).  


The debate continues administratively and therefore still has social continuity, because of such impassivity of European and state governments that are committed to " look the other way ." The very World Health Organization (WHO ) , classified in May of 2011 , through IARC WHO agency (" International Agency for Research on Cancer "), electromagnetic radiation EMF- RF, in Group 2B ( " possible human carcinogen" ) . While a significant minority of the working group called itself the most severe classification : Group 2A ( "probable human carcinogen" ) .


As a result , WHO continuous excluding Electrohipersensitivity (EHS ) , in his catalog of "recognized diseases."




Electromagnetic radiation levels allowed, are really high (Royal Decree 1066/2001): 100 μT for low frequency magnetic fields, and elecmagnéticos 4500 mW/m2 for high frequency fields (GSM). And therefore still not been implemented as requested precautionary principle.




The work of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1992, showed that there is a risk of leukemia when the magnetic field which is felt by children chronically exceeds 0.2 μT (microTesla). Risk increases as does the magnitude of the magnetic field. Thus, one can speak of association or moderate risk in the case of 0.2 microTesla and high risk when microTesla exceeds 0.3.

The "Paris Declaration" of March 23, 2009, represents the "enough", by the European scientific community, that day has evidence that there are adverse health effects in these emissions.               


In May 2011, the "International Center for Research on Cancer (IARC)", a specialized agency within the World Health Organization, announces that the phones have been classified by the WHO as "possibly carcinogenic to humans".




From CEM-Ti, we recommend protective measures to implement the principle of prevention, especially to those people who are living near pollution sources near their residence, which consequently have higher exposure times.   




Currently, have been diagnosed with a high number of cases of people affected by this hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields called electrohipersensibilidad (EHS). These people, who previously were referred to a psychiatrist default are now medically diagnosed as electro. The most common symptoms are usually:

  • Stress unjustified

  • Insomnia or sleep abnormalities.

  • Exhaustion continued.

  • Alterations in body temperature.

  • Frequent allergies.

  • Muscle aches.

  • Gastrointestinal problems.

  • Kidney failure.

  • Osteoarthritis.

The electrosensitivity or electrohipersensibilidad (EHS), is usually diagnosed frequently in people with other diseases such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and / or Fibromyalgia (FM). They usually present as a full or partial box pathologies. Most of them are young women, as women seem to have a higher sensitivity to chemicals and electromagnetic fields EMF.






There are also studies showing the effects of EMF also affect animals, such as the reproduction of birds such as storks and sparrows to nest near phone masts in Valladolid ("Possible Effects of Electromagnetic Fields from Phone Masts on a Population of White Stork (Ciconia ciconia), "2005, Alfonso Balmori, a member of the Senior Biologists from the Junta de Castilla y León).

One of the conclusions drawn from the study is that in the nests studied within a circle of 200 m. to these antennas, productivity (chickens bred successfully) is half that in the nests studied over 300 m. Another conclusion to be drawn is that 40% of nests fail to draw any breeding, while this only occurs in 3.3% of nests farthest group.

Another study conducted in June 2010 (published in the U.S. journal "Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine") also performed by the biologist Alfonso Balmori, with tadpoles. Reveals that two groups of 70 tadpoles reared in two separate tanks, one shielded cem, and one without, both exposed to electromagnetic fields. In the first (protected), mortality was 4%, and the second (exposed) was 90%.




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News and Studies.


Doctor Claudio Gómez-Perretta, 29/05/10

Head of Research Center Unit Hospital Universitario "La Fe" in Valencia, Spain.

"Electro-Magnetic Fields and Health: Current Status".

... "Sometimes it seems that you try not to damage further the economic interests of the suppliers to protect the health of citizens.

Electrification in industrialized countries has been steadily increasing the average level of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of low frequency to which people are exposed, these CEM are substantially above natural EMF of about 10 (-4) vm and about 10 (-13) T, respectively. Several epidemiological studies have concluded that EMF exposure is associated with an increased risk of cancer particularly leukemia in children. ...

Teratogenic effects (the fetus).

Juutilainen et al. 1993 concluded that women exposed to magnetic fields during pregnancy from households with higher intensities to 0.63 uT were at greater risk of abortion than women exposed to a magnetic field less than 0.13 uT. ".... .. (Ver artículo completo).


Electrosensitivity: Precautions.


Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields can cause the affected person becomes electrically sensitive, and not tolerated to varying degrees, radiation CA then give them some helpful tips to avoid the disease:

1) If you can choose, NOT LIVING in environments near major EMF pollution sources (phone antennas, electrical distribution lines high voltage transformers, ... etc). If you can choose, and live in these environments, should shield your home to reduce EMF levels in it.

2) MODERATE USE mobile phone, and use it only for calls real need that can not otherwise avoid. When you need to talk through a mobile terminal try to keep it away from the head as possible (do not talk pasting the terminal to your face). Never charge your handset in your nightstand next to your head while sleeping.

3) AVOID USING wherever possible DECT wireless telephony. If you can use fixed (wired).

4) AVOID USING Wi-Fi technology. It is preferable to use wired data networks. If the distance is small, connect to the router via a data cable (UTP), and disable the connection by Wi-Fi router.

5) MODERATE USE, and use its "mechanical" substitute  ("instead of a broom vacuum", "instead of the microwave oven, conventional oven hot", ... etc). If you must compulsorily use, do not forget to disconnect from the mains when finished.


La Vanguardia, 21/03/10

Half of mobile phone masts are not inspected. 

Madrid. (Europa Press). - Spain has about 150,000 mobile phone masts, of which half are pending inspection, according to figures provided by the Government to Francisco Jorquera BNG deputy in a written parliamentary answer.

In it, the socialist rejects change legislation to reduce the authorized limits of radiation from mobile phone masts.

When asked by Mr Jorquera on whether the Government proposes lowering radiation protection limits, the socialist ensures that from the point of view of health "electromagnetic field exposure does not cause adverse health effects, within the limits by Recommendation "of the European Union Council of July 12, 1999. In the same vein, he adds that "there is currently no scientific or medical reasons sufficient to justify a modification of the limits for exposure to the Centers Emitters Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)", established by a Royal Decree.

For its part, the BNG, in collaboration with the demand of the State Platform Electromagnetic Pollution, claims that "the current limits are obsolete" and non-ionizing radiation, electromagnetic fields or radio frequency "are harmful to health and the environment. "(See full article).(Ver artículo completo).



Bibliography which contains papers published in scientific journals during the last years that report evidence of harm from cell phone radiation exposure.

20180823-_THESUN-microwaves-can-cause-cataracts-and-raise-the-risk-of-CANCER              20180807-NATURALHEALTH365-wifi-and-cell-phone-radiation-increases-the-risk-of-miscarriages-by-almost-50-percent

What are 5G and the Internet Of Things?The Internet of Things will connect millions of devices and "things" using 5G technology.

Exposure 5G towers cause excessive sweatingThe 5G technology cause excessive sweating.

International Perspective on Health Effects of Low Intensity Non-Ionizing RadiationThere is an urgent need to recognize hazards associated with excessive exposure to non-thermal levels of electromagnetic fields.

ICNIRP’s Exposure Guidelines for Radio Frequency FieldsICNIRP requests public input on its radio frequency radiation exposure guidelines. Should the EMF scientific community cooperate?
Recent Research on Wireless Radiation and Electromagnetic FieldsCompilation of over 400 abstracts of scientific papers published since August, 2016.

Effects of Cell Phone Use on AdolescentsResearch on adolescents suggests that cell phone use has adverse effects on cognitive processes and memory and the endocrine system and disturbs sleep.

International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields & Wireless Technology . 242 scientists from 41 nations including 38 from the U.S. have signed the Appeal.

Key Cell Phone Radiation Research Studies

Berkeley Cell Phone "Right to Know" OrdinanceBerkeley's landmark cell phone "right to know" ordinance is being contested by the wireless industry in the federal courts.

National Toxicology Program (NTP) Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes CancerNTP presents studies to its Board of Scientific Counselors and plans for future research. 

National Toxicology Program: Peer & public review of cell phone radiation study . Experts convened by NTP found "clear evidence" of cancer from cell phone radiation.

Recent Research on Wi-Fi EffectsCompilation of recent studies on biologic and health effects from exposure to Wi-Fi radiation.

Female Infertility and Cell Phone RadiationResearch that investigates the effects of wireless radiation on female fertility.

Effect of Mobile Phones on Sperm QualityResearch that examines the effects of wireless radiation on sperm.

Pregnancy & Wireless Radiation RisksCompilation of studies that found harmful effects from fetal exposure to wireless radiation.

5G Wireless Technology: Is 5G Harmful to Our Health?"Both oncologic and non-cancerous chronic effects have been suggested."

5G Moratorium Website LaunchedOfficial website for 5G Appeal: Over 200 scientists doctors have signed Appeal.

Electromagnetic Fields Threaten WildlifeResearch review: EMF is potential risk to insect and bird orientation and plant health.
EMF Health Impacts and Policy Change WebinarDrs. Frank Barnes, De-Kun Li, & Joel Moskowitz discuss EMF research and implications for policy change. Sponsored by Collaborative for Health & the Environment.

Electromagnetic HypersensitivityRecent research and policy developments regarding electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Hybrid & Electric Cars: Electromagnetic Radiation RisksRecent studies of automobile EMF make inconsistent claims re: cancer risk.
Ramazzini Institute Cell Phone Radiation Study Replicates NTP StudyRamazzini Institute replicates heart cancer results from NTP cell phone radiation study.



Miguel Jara, 13/04/10

Electrosensitive in schools.

... What is the electro-sensitivity? As a hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields leads people to get sick. And while there are countries like Sweden where it is already recognized as a disease in Spain is not so; here people who suffer to be referred to a psychiatrist! When ever people who suffer from the problem. And that includes those who work in schools, both school staff and children. This is the case of Miquel Rossello who worked as a teacher in an institute of Tarragona until recently and is now off work electrosensitivity diagnosed.

Just had moved from a school that did not have access to another that was a year and a half and began to notice many of the symptoms of people with hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields:

"I suffered nervousness, agitation, arrhythmia, insomnia, numbness, discomfort, irritability, headaches, fatigue ... all at the same time and for no apparent reason. In class air felt charged, as dense. In vacation periods, when it was not in the classroom, I recovered. At the beginning of the course 2009/2010, a few days before school started, I was in the classroom preparing the opening of the cycle and started feeling bad again, with the same symptoms. When I am a healthy person, I live just outside a village in the countryside in which no radiation, take care of my physical and mental health, I love my work at school and I got along well with my classmates. And all that I had to leave the electrosensitivity I show to the waves, to the WiFi in particular, but also at all certain intensity electromagnetic fields in general ".... (Ver artículo completo.) 

La mañana, 14/03/10 (LLEIDA)

A recognized expert in electromagnetic advises antiMAT Platform.

Pedro Costa, one of the largest Spanish experts on the dangers of electromagnetic pollution, offer next May 14 Graus (Ribagorça Aragon) a conference on the subject at the request of the Platform antiMAT Ribagorça-Pallars.

He later wrote the book: Electromagnetism (Silent, ubiquitous and disturbing), [Association of Telecommunication Engineers, Troy Editorial, Madrid, 1996]. Following his friendship collaborated with Paco Hernandez, the journalist of La Verdad de Murcia recurrent Iberdrola lawsuit against the existence of a transformer under your house, electric forced the court of law to keep your piso.Fue also author of the report to the Complaint Hopper. (See court order.) (Ver sentencia judicial.)


La Opinión de Murcia, 8/10/07

Parents of a child died of cancer in Gandia blame a transformer and report a 'state crime'.

Parents of a child died from a brain tumor allegedly caused by the magnetic fields of a light transformer located under your home, call "liability" to the government as responsible for "a state crime." EFE Nicereta Ricardo Montilla and Herrero are the names of the parents of the little Jairo, five, whose illnesses began eight months after a transformer was installed under the house, located in Gandia Paseo de Germanias. (View full article.) (Ver artículo completo.)


A transformer in my garden.

The people of Casavieja (Ávila), and in particular one of its neighbors and friend of ours, Silvia Fuentes, lives with an electrical transformer in your own garden. The video shows the program step Direct Spain on a visit to the transformer. (See video.) (Ver video.)


El País, 13/03/10

Drop alert the population of sparrows.

A cleaning the streets binds the effect of vehicle pollution, scarcity and loss of green areas and trees for nesting and foraging, and new construction, install less conducive to nest on rooftops and ledges to be more straight . But there is more. Juan Carlos del Moral says that "any species nests located near cell towers give a scandalously low productivity rates."

It's the same conclusion I arrived at the British Trust for Ornithology in the United Kingdom. Electromagnetic pollution is added and the mixture of threats that can cause the common sparrow longer so common. (See full article). (Ver artículo completo).


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*)Web de Vecinos de Tortosa afectados por antenas de telefonía, que desde Tortosa (Tarragona), están haciendo un excelente trabajo de documentación, y señalización de las antenas de telefonía en su localidad. Algunas de ellas camufladas en forma de chimeneas. En contra de la contaminación electromagnética, y en lucha para conseguir la retirada de las mismas en el casco urbano de las ciudades. Web (en catalán) :


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