Terms and Conditions



  • To order, add the products that interest the "SHOPPING CART" and place the order online with your billing and delivery. You can order by calling toll free (+34) 960 913 911. And also by email, stating your details and asked cem@teleingenieria.es.
  • Minimum order: 10 € (excluding VAT and delivery).

  • The weight of each order is calculated as volumetric weight (wt vol.): Height x width x length (cm) / 6000.



Shipping to Peninsula and  Balearic Islands by the couriers: TOURLINE, CORREOS, y SEUR .

  • Delivery: € 4,50 + VAT:  total vol. weight less than 250 g.

  • Delivery: € 6,00 + VAT : total vol. weight superior to 250 g. and less than 2 kg. 

  • Delivery: € 8,00 + VAT : total vol. weight superior to 2 kg and less than 5 kg.

  • Delivery: € 10,00 + VAT : total vol. weight superior to 5 kg and less than 10 kg.

  • Delivery: € 12,00 + VAT : total vol. weight superior to 10 kg and less than 15 kg. 

  • Delivery: € 15,00 + VAT : total vol. weight superior to 15 kg and less than 20 kg.

  • Delivery: € 25,00 + VAT : total vol. weight superior to 20 kg and less than 50 kg.

  • Delivery: € 50,00 + VAT: total vol. weight exceeds 50 kg. 


FREE shipping for orders over € 50 (not including I.V.A. or delivery). There are some products that do not benefit from this offer (eg: G-Iron Superflex sheet and others), it is indicated as shipping with "Shipping NOT INCLUDED". 



Shipping to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla the couriers: TOURLINE, CORREOS, y SEUR.

  • Delivery: € 15.00 : total vol. weight less than 2 Kg.

  • Delivery: € 25.00 : total vol. weight superior to 2 Kg. and less than 5 Kg.

  • Delivery: € 35.00 : total vol. weight superior to  5 kg and less than 20 Kg.

  • Delivery: € 50.00 : total vol. weight superior to  20 kg and less than 50 Kg.

  • Delivery: € 60.00 : total vol. weight exceeds 50 Kg

This shipping is excluding VAT. Taxes (IG) and Customs charges derivatives, the customer will pay on arrival, if applicable.



Shipping available to PORTUGAL, FRANCE, ITALY, BELGIUM and POLLAND by couriers: LAPOSTE, CORREOS, DPD or TNT.

  • Delivery: € 19.90 : total vol. weight less than 2 Kg.

  • Delivery: € 29.90 : total vol. weight superior to 2 Kg. and less than 5 Kg.

  • Delivery: € 59.90 : total vol. weight superior to  5 kg and less than 20 Kg.

  • Delivery: € 79.90 : total vol. weight superior to  20 kg and less than 50 Kg.

  • Delivery: € 99.90 : total vol. weight exceeds 50 Kg

The costs to the Canaries without VAT. Taxes (IG) and customs charges derivatives, the customer will pay on arrival, if applicable.



Shipping available to COLOMBIA, BOLIVIA, PERU and ECUADOR by couriers: CORREOS, DPD or TNT.

  • Delivery: € 24.90 : total vol. weight less than 1 Kg.

  • Delivery: € 34.90 : total vol. weight superior to 1 Kg. and less than 2 Kg.

  • Delivery: € 54.90 : total vol. weight superior to  2 kg and less than 5 Kg.

  • Delivery: € 84.90 : total vol. weight superior to  5 kg and less than 10 Kg.

The shipping cost to AMERICA is "excluded VAT". Taxes and Customs charges derivatives, the customer will pay on arrival, if applicable.

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(1) Credit card of the total purchase, including VAT and delivery.For purchases less than €1500. Order is confirmed at the moment of purchase !!

(2) Bank transfer of the total purchase, including VAT and delivery. Order is confirmed at the moment of purchase sending us wire transfer document !! In other case, order may take 1-2 days to be confirmed since purchase !!

(3) Paypal of the total purchase, including VAT and delivery (penalty 4of the total purchase, including VAT and delivery !!)For purchases inferior €300.  Order is confirmed at the moment of purchase !! 

(4) Cash on delivery  of the total purchase, including VAT and delivery (penalty €2,50 + 3of the total purchase, including VAT and delivery !!). Available for products in stock . For purchases less than €250. Only for SPAIN.  Order is confirmed at the moment of reservation !!



  • Express shipping : from 1 to 2 working days by TOURLINE, CORREOS o SEUR. Available only for products in stock.
  • Standard shippingfrom 3 to 5 working days by TOURLINE, CORREOS o SEUR. Available only for products in stock (received every week from manufacturer or it requires a previous treatment before shipping.
  • On demand shipping: de 5 a 10 working days by TOURLINE, CORREOS o SEUR. Available for out-of-stock products or products on demand. Requires factory processing time.



  • Express shipping : from 3 to 5 working days by couriers: LAPOSTE, CORREOS, DPD or TNT. Available only for products in stock "ready to send".
  • Standard shipping from 5 to 7 working days by couriers: LAPOSTE, CORREOS, DPD or TNT. Available only for products "weekly in stock".
  • On demand shipping: de 7 a15 working days by couriers: LAPOSTE, CORREOS, DPD or TNT. Available for "out-of-stock" products or products on demand. 





0. Definitions.


I. Conditions.


  1. These general conditions of sale are the only ones applicable to materials produced or offered by TELEINGENIERIA SOLUTIONS, S.L.U, (hereinafter CEM-Ti) buyers, specifically excluding all general or specific conditions of the buyer, unless the CEM-Ti explicitly accepted in writing.

  2. All orders will lead to full compliance without reservations of any kind by the buyer of all conditions contained herein and, if applicable, of all the conditions that are indicated at the time of ordering.

  3. Any terms or conditions of purchase contained in the buyer's order form which is contrary to these conditions shall be deemed invalid.

  4. These general conditions apply to all sales you make CEM-Ti.

  5. The sales contract shall be final only after acceptance of the order by CEM-Ti, which will be held either by acknowledgment or by delivery note who takes the acknowledgment.

  6. Prices, specifications and data contained in catalogs, brochures, general fees or any other document consisting of advertising, are not intended to CEM-Ti, who will be able to make changes without notice, and who reserves the right to make any modifications available, shape, size or material in their products.

  7. The obligations of CEM-Ti can only result from the commitments included in the acknowledgments of orders, in general terms or in any action in writing to hold CEM-Ti.

  8. No added, omission or modifications to any of these terms linked to CEM-Ti, unless accepted in writing by you.


  II. Studies, documents and projects


  1. Studies and documents of any nature facilitates CEM-Ti shall remain its property and shall be the subject restored by simple request without requiring any requirement. These studies and documents may in no case disclosed to third parties, nor used or copied without the written consent of CEM-Ti. For the purposes of the application of this clause, the purchaser liable for its employees and agents, as well as himself.

  2. In general, studies and documents will not be billed. However, in case the present study some complexity, CEM-Ti may propose a study contract which determine how billing and character of intellectual property documents, plans and results.


III. Delivery of documents


  1. Tenders should be submitted according to the specifications to facilitate the buyer, you should include all the information needed for the proper performance of the products by CEM-IT.

  2. The option period during which CEM-IT will remain bound by his offer shall be three months from the completion of the offer. After this period, any release of the option shall be subject to confirmation by CEM-IT with respect to the conditions of supply and in particular to prices and delivery times.

  3. The buyer must submit written requests and confirm. All orders placed by phone must be confirmed in writing (including e-mail).

  4. All changes or cancellations of orders requested by the buyer require the approval of CEM-Ti, which will be effective only if it receives prior to the shipment of the products.


IV. Price and delivery


  1. The final price will be listed in the bill of CEM-Ti. These prices are set according to the economic conditions existing at that date.

  2. Delivery will be made, unless otherwise stated, in the place indicated by the buyer. The risks of transport will however by the buyer. The stipulated deadlines will only be considered as an indication and shall run from shipment from CEM-Ti order acknowledgment. In any case, the contractual delivery date will be considered from the factory outlet.

  3. Delays in delivery does not justify, except prior notification by the purchaser which shall bear a final reasonable period, the cancellation of the order, the rejection of the goods or claim damages.

  4. In any case, CEM-Ti does not assume any responsibility for delays in deliveries to the extent that:

    • The information to be provided by the buyer does not get the desired date;

    • The buyer has not complied with the terms of payment or information about the material to be developed;

    • A case of force majeure or events such as blockades, strikes, wars, epidemics, requisition, fire, flood, interruption or delay in transportation or otherwise incur a partial or total blockage of production facilities CEM-Ti or its suppliers or subcontractors.


V. Transportation, customs and insurance


  1. All expenses and operations of transport, insurance, customs and maintenance shall be borne by the purchaser.

  2. The buyer is obliged to check the quality, the size and condition of the goods right from the time of delivery. It is recalled that in case of failure or breach, the buyer must, under penalty of losing any recourse against the carrier or transit commission, make any claim or reserve Transport by extrajudicial act or letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the carrier or transit commission within three days after receipt of the products. Also must send a copy of such documents to CEM-Ti.


VI. Claims and Returns


  1. Without prejudice to the measures to be taken against the carrier or broker transit, all claims for visible defects or non-conformity of the product delivered on the requested product or the bill of delivery, shall be in writing and accurately maximum in the eight calendar days after receipt of the materials. Applies only claims made ​​directly to CEM-Ti.

  2. The buyer must provide all the explanations concerning the nature of the defects or discrepancies. Must pay to CEM-Ti all necessary facilities to carry out detecting such faults and correct them. Shall abstain alone or third-order interception that purpose.

  3. Returned products must be accompanied by a letter and take a visible, a label stating the name of the sender. Returns are not released from the obligation to pay the bills at maturity: the amount of such refunds will be deducted eventually, after survey by CEM-Ti services, the subsequent report.

  4. No refunds will be made ​​or cut materials to size.


VII. Terms of payment


  1. CEM-Ti reserves the right to request at any time payments or partial payments or the establishment of guarantees.

  2. The availability of the material conditions the issuance of the invoice and settlement obligation.

  3. Except as otherwise stated in the invoice, payment, principal, including spending and taxes to be paid on delivery of the order.

  4. CEM-Ti may at any time modify the payment terms depending on the creditworthiness of the buyer and before you sign any new request for it.

  5. All payments are made ​​by bank transfer or cash on delivery payment in euros to the order of CEM-Ti and addressed to your bank or messenger.

  6. All interventions carried out in the premises of the buyer may be charged to the latter, provided when so notified in the acknowledgment of receipt of the order or by any other written means including e-mail.

  7. If the date of payment exceeded the equivalent of the invoice date, appropriate sanctions will be applied at a rate equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate from the due date. Such sanctions may be imposed by simple CEM-Ti application without requiring any requirement.

  8. A non-payment and within 48 hours the failure of the request, the sale shall be canceled and void, if it considers it appropriate CEM-Ti, who may, by an order of urgency, the return of the products subject to other damage and damages whatsoever. This decision will affect not only the order in question but also all previous orders unpaid, if supplied both as if they are in the process of delivery, and whether payment has expired or not. In applying this provision, payments received shall be allocated in priority to the prices of goods that are incorporated into the purchaser's application.

  9. In case of payment by commercial paper, the lack of immediate return of the effect will be considered as a rejection of acceptance comparable to a default. Similarly, when the payment is made ​​in installments, the failure of one of them include the possibility of immediately require the entire debt without request.

  10. The amounts due under other deliveries or for any other cause shall become immediately due if CEM-Ti does not opt for the cancellation of the corresponding orders.

  11. The buyer must reimburse all costs incurred in the collection of the amounts due contentious, including the fees of officials.


VIII. Payment Methods.

Purchases can be paid with (depending on the indicated conditions):

Cash on delivery: Payment is made to the courier company upon delivery of the order.

Bank transfer: Making a bank transfer to our account, which is indicated on the order's delivery note.

Credit Card: Using the secure server of our payment gateway.

PayPal: It is the global network of electronic payments without risks that operates in more than 103 countries and regions. With PayPal you can make purchases online safely and without sharing your financial information with any merchant.

Once you have placed the order in our store, the program will direct you to the web page of the known and secure signature of the REDSYS or PAYPAL payment gateway where you will indicate the details of your card.

Important: At the end of the process, the page of our payment gateway will return you to our store where you will finish the order process.

Our payment gateway uses SSL technology to protect your information. In addition, when you send a payment through this gateway, the recipient does not receive sensitive financial data such as your credit card number or bank account number. In this way, you do not have to worry about paying people you do not know.

Fraud with a Credit Card is a crime and CEM-Ti will take legal action against anyone who makes a fraudulent transaction in our store.

You can always check the total amount of your order in the last step of order confirmation in your shopping cart.

The e-mail address obtained from the subscription form will be used to send you information about news, products and special offers related to CEM-Ti.

The billing information will be used only for the shipment of the purchased product (s). This information will not be used for commercial purposes nor will it be transferred to third parties.


IX. Warranty

  1. The duration of the contractual guarantee of the products offered by CEM-Ti against defects in construction or operation shall be 24 months from the date of delivery, unless otherwise stated. The observed defects shall be notified immediately in writing to CEM-Ti with all the justifications for its nature as well as the presentation of the warranty certificate or invoice and in any event, within 8 days of its finding.

  2. The security shall be forfeited premises compulsorily CEM-Ti and it will be free of charge replacement of defective parts.

  3. Shipping costs are borne by the buyer while the return costs will be borne by CEM-Ti should warranty that may apply. Otherwise, borne by the buyer.

  4. The warranty does not apply to replacements or repairs resulting from normal use of the equipment, from damage or accidents caused by negligence or use of equipment for uses other than those for which they are intended. Further, the warranty does not apply if there are inappropriate interventions by the buyer or user of the equipment supplied.

  5. The repair, modification or replacement of parts during the warranty period shall not have the effect of prolonging the period of product warranty. Any other action or warranty claim is excluded, specifically in relation to compensation for direct or indirect damage caused to persons or other objects other than the supplied products as well as consideration of lost profits to you.

  6. Excluding repair personal injury, the liability of CEM-Ti for any reason shall be limited to a maximum amount, in the absence of stipulation against the contract shall be the amount of supplies or contractual provision giving rise to the claim . The buyer waives ensure any resources of their insurers against CEM-Ti and insurers of the latter under the above exclusions or limitations. In any case, CEM-Ti assumes no liability for immaterial or indirect damage which prevails buyer or a third party with respect to it, hence, not be required to indemnify specifically for operating losses, production, profits or any other loss of economic or financial.

  7. In case the buyer had requested an investigation to determine the origin of defects CEM-Ti material in its facilities, the costs incurred (travel, etc..) Borne by the purchaser after obtaining a detailed budget prior to that there accepted without obligation to CEM-Ti results.


  X. Protection of Personal Data.


  1. The personal data that CEM-Ti for the development of their business, you need to store on your system complies with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data.

  2. The personal data of its customers that require to be stored for the activity of the company, will be contained in a file registered with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD).

  3. CEM-Ti NOT stored in any way on your system permanently, data regarding credit card numbers and / or bank accounts of their customers, once the payment transaction will proceed to purge.

  4. The personal data communicated to CEM-Ti will never be disclosed to third parties, without express written consent of the client.

  5. The customer may exercise their rights of access, removal or modification on the premises of the company TELEINGENIERIA SOLUTIONS, SL ("CEM-Ti"), CIF: B-98347784, whose manager is D.Ricardo Penalba Benavent (Engineer Telecommunication, referee No. 13252) with ID: 20437484-Y, located in C / Germanias, 23 BJ. Quatretonda 46837 (Valencia).


  XI. Applicable law and jurisdiction


  1. Sales held by CEM-Ti will be subject to Spanish law.

  2. Regarding disputes that may arise between CEM-Ti and the buyer, even on appeal under warranty or multiple defendants, the courts for the domicile of CEM-Ti shall have exclusive jurisdiction, however, CEM-Ti reserves the right to their willingness to appeal to the court of the domicile of the buyer.



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