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  • The Corentium Plus is a sophisticated, convenient and powerful monitor designed to provide accurate and detailed data for a thorough analysis of radon concentration. It continuously records radon concentrations in 1-hour cycles, allowing users to download all measurement data to a PC for detailed analysis.

  • The Corentium Plus is additionally equipped with sensors for air pressure, temperature and humidity, the measurement data of which are also continuously recorded and can be downloaded and transferred to other applications.

  • Built with multiple state-of-the-art sensors, the Corentium Plus will record everything needed to fully understand fluctuations in radon concentration.

  • The Corentium Report and Analyze (CRA) software, which comes with the Corentium Plus, allows the user to download all the data from the monitor and each sensor to a PC. The software functionalities are seemingly endless, including the key features of generating custom graphics, custom professional reports and converting all the data into a csv-file (Excel document).

  • Corentium Plus samples indoor air through a passive diffusion chamber, and then uses alpha spectrometry to precisely calculate the radon level. Detection is done using silicon photo-diodes to both count and measure the energy of alpha particles resulting from the decay chain of radon gas. The battery lifetime under normal operation is approximately 18 months.




  • Windows Vista - Windows 8.

  • Fast and reliable data upload with Micro USB cable.

  • Selecting day or hour to study temporal variations.

  • Merging (combining) results from more than one monitor to increase sensitivity.

  • Easy one-click standard reporting - Customizing own reports.

  • Plots:

    • Average per day.

    • Hour to hour variations.

    • Accumulated day and week level.

    • Indication in plot for action level.

    • Temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure.





  • Long-term average; last 12 months since RESET.

  • Short-term averages; last day and last week.

  • Exposure time.

  • Anonymous display option.




  • Dimensions: 120 × 69 × 25.5 mm.

  • Weight: 130 grams (incl. batteries).

  • Battery powered: 3 x AAA Alkaline batteries (LR03).

  • Battery lifetime: >18 months.

  • Power consumption: < 275 μW.

  • Radon Sampling: Passive diffusion chamber.

  • Detection method: Alpha spectrometry.

  • Diffusion time constant: 25 min.

  • Internal memory capacity: 10 years radon concentration at 1h resolution.

  • Accuracy: ± 5% ± 5Bq/m³.

  • Precision:

    • After 1 week: <12% at 50 - 350 Bq/m³ <8% at >350 Bq/m³.

    • After 1 month: <9% at 90 - 220 Bq/m³ <6% at >220 Bq/m³.

  • Measurement range:

    • Detection range: 0 – 50.000 Bq/m³.

    • Upper display limit: 9.999 Bq/m³.

  • Operation environment:

    • Temperature: 4°C to +40°C.

    • Relative Humidity: <95%.

  • Additional sensors:

    • Temperature

    • Relative humidity

    • Atmospheric pressure

    • Tilt (tamper detect)


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