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  • EARTHING Shuko Plug for Antistatic and EMF shielding portable productswrist strapclothing, bed sheets and bases, cannopies, sleeping bags...etc.

  • It serves as personal discharging EARTHING point.

  • It allows the connection of WRIST STRAP AND EARTHING product line, while working or resting.

  • Grounding plug for CEE-7/4 and CEE-7/7 socket-outlets (Europe).

  • It is not allowed to ground stationary shielding products (paints, nettings, fleeces, wallpapers, etc.) with this plug.




  • The plug fits directly into the power socket, connecting only to the grounded conductor.

  • The live, neutral pines are molded from insulating plastic, snap into the supply socket, but are fully vented.

  • On the front of the plug there are connectors connected through 1 MOhm resistors to ground, inside the plug. This protection limits the current to less than 0.3 mAh at 240 volts. If the Fault current continues the resistance will open the circuit.

  • The EBP plug can be connected directly to the EARTHING WRIST STRAP, as a grounding cable for the COMPUTER EARTHING KIT, and the FOOTMAT EARTHING KIT, which will help you easily install your work table.




  • Weight: 99.8 g.

  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 cm.

  • Color: yellow.

  • Connections: 2 x Banana 4 mm. + 1 bolt 10 mm. (1MOhm isolates)


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