EMF Protective Underwear SHORT - Men

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  • EMF Protective Underwear SHORT (men) high shielding. 

  • Reduces high frequency electromagnetic radiation EMR over  25 dB (99,5 %) @ 1GHz 

  • Provides high EMF radiation protection for middle body, protecting vital organs.

  • Stunning, soft and comfortable to wear.

  • Ideal for diary use as underwear clothing.

  • Lightweight, cool, crease-resistant with extreme protection.

  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-electrostatic material.

  • Machine-washable (delicate clothes). Temperature < 30º. Ironable. Not use blanching agents.

  • Offering essential electromagnetic protection against: Wi-Fi, cordless/cell phones, mobile phone masts, microwave ovens and many other electromagnetic radiation sources.




  • Shielding capacity: 25 dB (99,5%) @ 1 GHz. 

  • 5 Sizes: 5-M (48-50 cm.), 6-L (52-54cm.), 7-XL (56-58cm.), 8-2XL (60-62 cm.) , y 9-3XL (64-66cm.) .

  • Color: light grey - white.

  • Material: 89% cotton, 9% polyamide y 2% silver (threads).


We recommend that customers CHECK SIZE AND COLOUR carefully before ordering !! Not be performed RETURNS by change of size or colour, only against defects of manufacture!! It is manufactured on-demand items.



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