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  • Shielded electrical cable for non-fixed devices, providing protection against low-frequency electric and magnetic fields (LF-E-M).


  • The highly efficient EMC SCREENED cables are mainly recommended for connecting portable electrical devices such as: lamps, TV and PC screens, computers, printers, ...etc. (E-M-BF)

  • The highly efficient EMC SCREENED cables can also be used for fixed installation in walls, floors etc. and offer an optimal protection for all rooms EVEN when connected appliances are turned on. [ In SPAIN: only when an installation or approval bulletin is not required !!]

  • Avoid EMC and EMI problems caused by regular mains cables by using this screened mains cable which offers a high damping up to 30MHz.

  • It is important to note that the screens of all cables need to be connected serially or in a star shape and only one screen be connected to PE or to the building's seperate grounding. Loops are to be avoided.




  • Minimum sales package: By meter / 50 m. roll

  • Color: gray.

  • Diameter: 8.1 mm. (3 x 1,5 mm²) or 11.1 mm. (3 x 2,5 mm²).

  • Cable data: 3 x 1,5 mm² or 3 x 2,5 mm², (blue, brown, yellow/green)

  • Max. Voltage: 300/500V at 50/60Hz.

  • Max Load: max. 16A/220V or 32A/110V.

  • 100% static screening.

  • Magnetic screening: up to 80%.

  • Temperaturerange: -5 to 70º .

  • Isolation-Material: Polyvinylchlorid.

  • Security-Class: 1.

  • CE-Testing: 100%, each cable is tested and complies with the EN 60 320 / 2.2 standard

  • Used Qualitysystem: ISO 9002.




  • Connect the ground wiring of the junction box with the ground wiring of the cable during installation!

  • Always connect green-yellow with green-yellow, in no case connect it with the continuity wire!

  • Protect the bare continuity wire and the foil with insulating tube.

  • There must not be any conductive components in the junction box!

  • Connect the shield connector = continuity wire ONLY on one side to the earth circuit connector.

  • Do not use shielded and unshielded cables at the same time.

  • When constructing new buildings (or when renovating), ALL rooms should be equipped with these EMC cables, as otherwise, strong radiation from unscreened neighbouring rooms or ceilings/floors can occur!