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  • 12V USB charger for Spectran handheld spectrum analyzers, UBBV preamps and active HyperLOG / BicoLOG antennas.

  • Generates 12V as any USB port and has a charging connector that allows connection to portable spectrum analyzers and UBBV (X) preamplifiers.

  • It can be used to charge each of these devices via a USB port, which is particularly useful for outdoor measurements (laptop charging).

  • It can only be used to charge the battery of Spectran !!, it does not serve to feed it continuously.

  • On the contrary, the UBBV preamplifier can be powered via the USB charger because its power consumption is lower than the consumption of the SPECTRAN.

  • The same dimensions as a normal USB cable, the output power max. Is 12W.

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