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  • The ECT-50 Grounding Tester is a handheld kit.

  • Its robust and ergonomic construction allows the user to work comfortably with the ground tester.

  • It allows to quickly detect the earth resistance. Additionally you can check if the masses are connected to each other.

  • To ensure a good reading, the ground tester has a large easy-to-read multi-color LCD display.

  • The screen also visually informs about the status of the installation: 

    • If the installation is in order, the screen remains blue.

    • In the event of a faulty installation the ground tester display will change the background color to red.

  • The ground tester is made up of a reading unit that can be inserted into a socket, and a safety tip that is connected at the bottom of the reading unit. The safety tip has a cable with a length of about 7 m.

  • Main features:

    • Two-color LCD display, backlit

    • Installation category III

    • Service voltage: 230 V AC

    • High accuracy

    • Ergonomic design

    • Protection IP40, IK06

  • To obtain optimal results in low frequency screening, it is essential to have a good earth connection. 

  • We recommend that all shielding materials directly attached to the wall or close to electrical consumers be connected to a good earth ground.

  • The optimal electrical resistance of a ground connection to comply with the SBM / IBN recommendations is 6 Ohm, if possible less than 2 Ohm.

  • It should not replace a professional check. It should be seen as a diagnostic supplement.




  • Range: 0 ... 2000 Ω.

  • Display: Two-color, backlit LCD.

  • Accuracy: ± (3% + 3 digits) with 0 ... 200 Ω at 23 °C ± 5 °C.

  • Service voltage: 230 V (Ph / N) -10 / +6%.

  • Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz.

  • Standards: IEC 611010-1 EN 61557-4, Klasse II, IP40, IK06.

  • Installation category: III

  • Operating temperature: -15 ... +45 ° C.

  • Storage temperature: -25 ... +70 ° C.

  • Dimensions: 72 x 210 x 50 mm (B x L x H).

  • Test lead length: Approx. 7 m

  • Weight: 340 g.




  • ECT-50 grounding tester.

  • Tip with 7 m. of cable.

  • Manual.


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