Grounding Cable Yshield GL200 2 m

Grounding Cable Yshield GL200 2 m

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  • Grounding cable for Kits: GS (paint and nettings), GCS (screw), GCV (velcro), GCM (magnetic) y GP1 (plug) y GPE (personal plug) .
  • This cables provide a protection against unplugging together with the cover caps.
  • Scope of delivery: Cable 2.5 mm² transparent, highly flexible;
  • Available lengths: GS20 (20 cm), GS100 (1 m), GS200 (2 m), GS500 (5 m) and GS1000 (10 m).​


  1. It is recommended that the grounding installation be performed and checked by a professional electrician.
  2. The electrical installation must be provided with a 30 mA "differential switch" (check the electrical box).